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1. What does HC mean?

HC stands for High Cube, which describes the height of a shipping container. These containers are 9’6″ tall (one foot taller than standard 8’6″ tall containers). See Common Shipping Container Terms for more abbreviations and standard container industry terms.

2. Do Refrigerated Containers require any maintenance?

Whether you have purchased or rented a container, it is essential to perform condenser coil maintenance and container defrost regularly on your refrigerated container. The frequency of maintenance depends on the environment the container is in. For more information and helpful example photos, click the links above.

3. What is the age of your Refrigerated Containers?

We get a lot of questions about the age or what year our containers are. As of 2024, the date range is between 2002 and 2023, depending on your chosen option. Find out what we offer on our Refrigerated Shipping Containers page.

4. Can a Refrigerated Container be placed indoors?

Yes, we can deliver the refrigerated container to your location as long as the door opening is wide enough for our semi-truck and trailer to fit through, and the ceiling is high enough for our tilt-bed to extend. You can refer to our Container Dimensions and Delivery Site Preparation guidelines for more information. It’s important to keep the machine at least 3 feet away from any wall to ensure proper airflow and allow space for a technician to access it, if needed.

5. What are the interior and exterior dimensions of a container?

Container dimensions can be found on our Container Dimensions page.

6. What is the temperature range for Ice-Cubz?

Our Ice-Cubz units and hold temperatures from  0°F – 70°F.

7. How do I know I’m getting a quality container to start with?

When containers arrive at our facility, we ensure they meet our strict criteria for quality prior to beginning any work. If you’d like, you can even visit our location and pick the exact container you’d like us to use before the modification process begins.

8. What kind of flooring is in a shipping container?

Most modern shipping containers feature 1″ thick 19-ply marine-grade sheet flooring. If that does not suit your needs, we would be happy to install the type of flooring you need for an additional cost. Read more in-depth on our What is a Shipping Container Floor Made of? page.

9. What color are the shipping containers?

Our containers come in a variety of colors based on the shipping line. Our inventory changes daily and we cannot control what color the containers are when we purchase them. However, we can paint containers to match any color you need for an additional charge.

10. Can you install shelving into a shipping container?

Yes, we can provide shelving to suit your storage needs. Please see our modification page HERE for more information.

11. What type of modifications can USA-Containers do to a shipping container?

We do a range of modifications based on our customer’s needs. Simple modifications include but not limited to extra doors, windows, vents & lockboxes.

12. Do you offer repair/maintenance service on your refrigerated containers?

Yes! We offer 24/7 customer phone support (1-877-391-4064). We also offer “as needed” repairs providing the repairs are due to normal wear and tear. This is at no additional cost to you!

13. What type of power is required for your refrigerated containers?

All of our units are electric and they require 460V three-phase power and a dedicated 30 amp circuit. If you are utilizing a 230V power source a dedicated 50 amp circuit is required. Upon your request, we will work directly with your electrician to assure the proper electrical service is in place or installed. We also have transformers for 208V 50 amp circuit.

14. What temperature are your refrigerated containers capable of maintaining?

Our refrigerated containers and trailers are capable of maintaining temps between -10°F and 80°F. Our new units can maintain -20°F depending on how much product is being stored and usage.

15. Do you offer ground level and dock level refrigerated containers?

Yes, we have both styles of refrigerated containers. We have limited dock level units and they are 53′ trailers. Our 20′ and 40′ units are ground level.

16. What size refrigerated containers do you have available?

We offer 20’L x 8’W x 8’6″H and 40’L x 8’W x 9’6″H. We also have limited 53’L x 8’6″W x 9’6″H.

17. How are the dry containers are delivered?

We deliver our containers using a tilt-bed trailer. With the trailer raised, the container slides off the trailer resting on one end. Then the trailer will pull straight out from under the container.

18. Where are you located?

We are located in Western IL outside the small town of Smithshire, 3 hours from Chicago and 3 hours from St. Louis. 

19. Do you offer any discounted Containers?

Yes, please click here for a list of our current specials. Also, we offer what we call “Ugly Ducklings”. These are containers that are a little rough around the edges. Typically with more dents, dings and abrasions and possibly damaged floors and surface rust.

20. What size shipping containers do you have?

20’ and 40’ units are the common sizes we carry. However, upon availability, we can source custom sizes for you as well. 

21. Do you have office containers for rent?

Yes, we also offer custom-built rentals. Call now to find out what we have available and for a quote. 

22. Do you rent shipping containers?

Yes we do. Please contact us for a quote. 

23. What kind of power supply is needed on the reefer units?

We can accommodate 208V, 230V, and 460 Volt 3 Phase power supplies. 

24. Do you rent out the reefer units?

Yes we do. Please contact us for more information. 

25. Do you rent out custom containers, ie Bartainer / Concession containers?

We plan on adding this type of equipment into our rental fleet in the near future! Please contact us for more information. 

26. What is the warranty on your reefer shipping containers?

This depends if you are purchasing new or refurbished equipment. We will cover this in more depth when we prepare a quote for you.

27. Do you ship containers with contents overseas?

No, you would need to contact a freight forwarding company.

28. Can the Ice-Cubz unit be duel temp?

No, but you can rent two and set each to your desired temperatures. 

29. What if the unit breaks down or quits cooling?

If you are experiencing problems with your unit we can be reached 24/7/365 at 877-391-4064. We have the troubleshooting guide posted HERE for download and it will also be attached to the unit as well.

30. How is the Ice-Cubz delivered?

We deliver the units with our tilt bed trailers. We will ask you to fill out a pre-delivery form to assure the delivery goes as smooth as possible. 

31. If you do drop it and pick it up is that an extra fee?

Yes, we do charge a delivery and pick up fee. If you fill out our “request a quote’ page it will give you an estimated delivery and pick up fee.

32. Do Ice Cubz containers include shelving?

Shelving is available as an option for a nominal fee.

33. Can I purchase an Ice Cubz container?

Yes, we will have units for sale in the near future.

34. Do I have to get it there? Does it fit on a trailer or does it require a semi?

We handle the delivery and set up to your site via our tilt bed trailer.

35. What if something happens to it that was in my control? Out of my control?

If you are experiencing problems with your unit we can be reached 24/7/365 at 833-ICE-CUBZ. We will also have a troubleshooting guide posted on this web site and attached to the unit.

36. Is there a dial so I can decide how cold?

Yes, there is a push button controller to set the Temperature on the unit. Instructions will be included with the unit and can also be found on the specifications page of our web site.

37. How do you transfer good from home base to drop site?

The unit can be loaded once we have it delivered to your site.

38. Once you power up, how long does it take to get cold?

There are many variables that control the temperature pull down time frame. The temperature of your product when loaded, the number of door openings and the ambient temperature to name just a few. The unit and container has been designed to achieve maximum cooling capacity.

39. What kind of power supply is needed?

The unit requires 230 Volt single phase 30 amp service. This is the equivalent to what powers an electric clothes dryer at your home.

40. For how long can I rent my Ice Cubz container? (Min/Max)

We have a 3 day minimum and you can keep the unit as long as you need it.

41. How far in advance do I have to order my Ice Cubz container before I will receive it?

The summer months can fill up fast! If you have an event planned we suggest you reserve a unit well in advance of your needs to assure a unit is available.

42. Do Ice Cubz have a weight limit?

No, there is no weight limit on how much product you can load in our Ice Cubz units while they are being used.