What does HC mean?

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1. What does HC mean?

HC stands for High Cube, which describes the height of a shipping container. These containers are 9’6″ tall (one foot taller than standard 8’6″ tall containers). See Common Shipping Container Terms for more abbreviations and standard container industry terms.

2. Do Refrigerated Containers require any maintenance?

Whether you have purchased or rented a container, it is essential to perform condenser coil maintenance and container defrost regularly on your refrigerated container. The frequency of maintenance depends on the environment the container is in. For more information and helpful example photos, click the links above.

3. What is the age of your Refrigerated Containers?

We get a lot of questions about the age or what year our containers are. As of 2024, the date range is between 2002 and 2023, depending on your chosen option. Find out what we offer on our Refrigerated Shipping Containers page.

4. Can a Refrigerated Container be placed indoors?

Yes, we can deliver the refrigerated container to your location as long as the door opening is wide enough for our semi-truck and trailer to fit through, and the ceiling is high enough for our tilt-bed to extend. You can refer to our Container Dimensions and Delivery Site Preparation guidelines for more information. It’s important to keep the machine at least 3 feet away from any wall to ensure proper airflow and allow space for a technician to access it, if needed.

5. What are the interior and exterior dimensions of a container?

Container dimensions can be found on our Container Dimensions page.

6. Do you offer repair/maintenance service on your refrigerated containers?

Yes! We offer 24/7 customer phone support (1-877-391-4064). We also offer “as needed” repairs providing the repairs are due to normal wear and tear. This is at no additional cost to you!