How do I know I’m getting a quality container to start with?

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1. How do I know I’m getting a quality container to start with?

When containers arrive at our facility, we ensure they meet our strict criteria for quality prior to beginning any work. If you’d like, you can even visit our location and pick the exact container you’d like us to use before the modification process begins.

2. What kind of flooring is in a shipping container?

Most modern shipping containers feature 1″ thick 19-ply marine-grade sheet flooring. If that does not suit your needs, we would be happy to install the type of flooring you need for an additional cost. Read more in-depth on our What is a Shipping Container Floor Made of? page.

3. What color are the shipping containers?

Our containers come in a variety of colors based on the shipping line. Our inventory changes daily and we cannot control what color the containers are when we purchase them. However, we can paint containers to match any color you need for an additional charge.

4. Can you install shelving into a shipping container?

Yes, we can provide shelving to suit your storage needs. Please see our modification page HERE for more information.

5. What type of modifications can USA-Containers do to a shipping container?

We do a range of modifications based on our customer’s needs. Simple modifications include but not limited to extra doors, windows, vents & lockboxes.