What is the temperature range for Ice-Cubz?

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1. What is the temperature range for Ice-Cubz?

Our Ice-Cubz units and hold temperatures from  0°F – 70°F.

2. Can the Ice-Cubz unit be duel temp?

No, but you can rent two and set each to your desired temperatures. 

3. What if the unit breaks down or quits cooling?

If you are experiencing problems with your unit we can be reached 24/7/365 at 877-391-4064. We have the troubleshooting guide posted HERE for download and it will also be attached to the unit as well.

4. How is the Ice-Cubz delivered?

We deliver the units with our tilt bed trailers. We will ask you to fill out a pre-delivery form to assure the delivery goes as smooth as possible. 

5. If you do drop it and pick it up is that an extra fee?

Yes, we do charge a delivery and pick up fee. If you fill out our “request a quote’ page it will give you an estimated delivery and pick up fee.

6. Do Ice Cubz containers include shelving?

Shelving is available as an option for a nominal fee.